Elliot Eliash
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A New Way to Talk About Politics


Talking about politics on the internet is awful. Opinions are thrown around under the guise of facts and social media platforms have developed into shouting matches. We found that existing social media platforms, like Facebook, noticeably lack three things: diversity within friend circles, face-to-face interaction, and accountability for your words.  

Our solution is Roundtable.


Roundtable is a platform that enables political discussion using live video and built-in moderation. Think ESPN's Around the Horn with a heavy dose politics. The homepage of Roundtable is broken up by topic, but we call them tables. In the top right corner of each table, the amount of people tuned into the debate is listed.


Roundtable gives users the ability to participate in the debate or simply spectate. In an effort to create a nuanced discussion, there would be a short questionnaire based on a sliding scale to determine where users lean politically. With this information, Roundtable would be able to balance the room for a healthier debate. 


Once seated at the table, users will be able to view the four video debaters in the center of the screen. Below each debater are their recorded points ("GP," or "good points," in the style of upvotes) and the time remaining before the next debater speaks. Below is a quick mimic of how the site would operate with scrolling spectator commentary chat on the right. 


Video Walkthrough with Jason Goldberg's dulcet tones. 


In order to attract an initial user base, influencer boxes are sent to various YouTube personalities and political pundits that already have a following. These are people who we know care about various issues and actively speak out.

Package contents: A customizable background screen for live video, a stress ball, a Roundtable t-shirt, and a mug which can be raised to signify a good point being made. From comment section instigator to important pundit in minutes flat.  


AD: Elliot Eliash
AD: Jason Goldberg
CW: Maddy Baldwin
XD: Alex Rice