Elliot Eliash
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Claire's Now:

Currently, Claire's is a brightly colored pile of buy one, get one items that are as cheap as they are ubiquitous. Claire's is notorious for one major thing: it’s where many, many girls get their ears pierced for the first time.

What Claire's Could Be: 

Ear piercing is often a monumental moment in a girl's life. It's an early, noticeable step in the process of becoming an adult. By treating piercing as a gateway to larger things to come, Claire's can expand the way it reaches young girls. Claire's can strive to be an older sister and role model for girls wondering about fashion, growing up, and how to express themselves. 


We started with a logo refresh. Something that would humanize the brand, but still be bold enough to stand out.
We settled on a handwritten brush.


The in-store aesthetic would be changed to be more reminiscent of an older sister's bedroom, complete with an updated area for piercings. Currently, Claire's does piercings out in the open with no privacy. 


The new Claire's app will give a face to both consumers and employees. Users will be able to create their own avatars, browse merchandise, and communicate with their piercer about any questions they may have. Parents of users will have their own way to access the app and will be able to set goals for their child that, when completed, will earn them merchandise picked out by their children. 


Claire's knows how special major milestones are. Parent's choosing jewelry from their child’s wish list, via the app, will receive the item packaged in a decorative box with a unique message from Claire.

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When ears are pierced, the same pair of earrings must initially be left in for about six weeks to complete a successful healing process. During this time, girls are excited and anxious to change out their earrings for new ones.

By adding magnets to both the stud of the earring and the decorative fronts, girls can change out the decorative front whenever they want, while still allowing their ears to heal. This innovation extends past the first ear piercing by allowing girls to share earrings with each other in a more sanitary way.


We added helpful tips about common grade school experiences from Claire on our merchandise bags.


With Claire's new Snapchat filter, user's can try on new earrings being sold in stores.